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Level 64 es un grupo de la movida del Commodore 64. Level 64 is a c64 scene group most dedicated to do legal stuff.

martes, 18 de abril de 2017

REVISION 2017 hangover

   Really when I go to one of the parties around the scene I get the extra push that I need to get more active and do work a lot in showing up better stuff and enjoy even more my regular activities back home.
   This was really a long party-journey for me as I flew all the way from the Canary Islands to Frankfurt and then by car to the party place. But it's worth every euro I spent and every minute that I was there.
   Zed Yago was there too as part of the organization. We worked together in our small production Asimov/Level 64, thanks mate for party coding and your support and friendship.

    I manage myself to work in a picture sometime before the party finishing in time for the compo, showing up ClearWater by Almighty God.

     It was an amazing party where was allways a pleasure to see old friends again and meet new ones. Was a pleasure to know most of the K2 members and share a beer and experiences with them, we could even speak in spanish ;). Thanxs to Prowdler for his nice words and seminar. Master VETO, was a pleasure to talk with you again. Conjuror who was there all the way from Australia, nice to see you again. And Pal who I met at the party. Abyss Connection members TMA and Mr. Curly who I met first time at X-2000. Bodo of  Ravenauge, nice to see you again mate. And all the guys that I talk to but unfortunately I cannot remember their names, music was too loud and so much beer, jejeje.

   Download productions.
   Results and more.

#2 At Foreverparty 2017

   That's it, my compo picture inspired by Verne mostly and some other stuff, finishing in 2nd place in the last Foreverparty which took place from 17 to 19 of march 2017 in Slovakia. The Hunter by Almighty God.

   Thanxs a lot to my friend LHS for sending me the diploma.